Visual Data Presentation Examples

Our products include interference analysis, contour mapping, demographics, real-world coverage plots, and detailed terrain-aware path plots for microwave links.

Here are some examples:

Real-World Propagation Model

This plot compares the FCC contours, shown as smooth black polygons, with the much more random distribution caused by real-world terrain.

950 MHz STL Path

The STL transmitter at the studio is on the left. The STL receiver at the station's transmitter site is on the right.

This is a worst-case plot, assuming 4/3 Earth, which raises terrain in the center of the path, and showing that the Fresnel zone clears the 4/3 Earth terrain. The path is clean.

Green areas under the terrain indicate areas with clean line of sight. Red areas indicate line of sight is blocked.

Real-World Site Comparison
for Transmitter Relocation
Color Meaning
Green Increased signal
Yellow Insignificant change
Red Decreased signal

FM Translator Off-Air Pickup Path

The FM transmitter is on the left, and the translator is on the right. This is clearly a problematic path.

In practice, it does not work at all if the FM is analog-only, but it works remarkably well in practice because the FM is running HD at -10 dBc, and the translator is receiving the digital signal.


Most-Likely Server Map
Comparing Four Co-channel Signals
Color Meaning
Green Desired (study) signal prevails
Yellow Region of interference
Others Interfering signals prevail

Canadian Interference Showing

The interference zone is computed and mapped based on international treaty requirements. The shaded interference area cannot touch Canadian soil.

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